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Holly's Day Off


Holly’s Day Off…

Today was such an unusual day. Not only did I take the day off, but I chaperoned my youngest son and his classmates on a First Grade field trip to a museum at my alma mater – the University of Florida – Go Gators!

Walking on the campus of your alma mater with your child is a surreal experience as one hopes to plant seeds for the same dreams and hopes that you had as a young child. More than that, it’s a time of reflection and reminiscing. I felt a bit nostalgic being on campus, but mostly I realize how much I’ve grown and how much more comfortable I am in my skin 15 years later. I walked the same paths today that I walked many years ago. I realized tonight as I looked at this pic that I wasn’t wearing ANY makeup today – aside from some @janeiredale eye makeup, and of course, my tinted sun block by @obagimedical – two staples in my daily beauty routines. .

I can remember feeling very uncomfortable in my skin during college. Fighting acne and finding the perfect makeup cover up was a constant battle. Chemical peels, laser treatments, microneedling, microchanneling and Botox have COMPLETELY changed my perspective about my skin. I also now know exactly what products work with MY skin and I stick with it – never deviating. Having felt so uncomfortable in my own skin at one time, makes me feel passionate about helping other feel the same way. It’s never too late and it’s never been easier to make changes and non-surgical corrections that can make a HUGE difference in your self-esteem and outward appearance. 🙌

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