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Baja Zen

Introducing BAJA ZEN to the Divinity Skincare Boutique…

Born on the East coast and infused with West coast cool, Baja Zen’s American-made body care is inspired by destination living, mixing casual vibes with luxury.  Hand-crafted exclusively in small batches, the line features tropical scents, luxe natural oils, and lush botanicals to transport mind & body to a permanent holiday.

They are forever chasing the endless summer with a tropical state of mind, blending luxurious formulas to make products that effortlessly fit into your routine and make you feel like you’re on a permanent vacation.  The collection is designed to indulge the senses with beautiful blends and decadent formulas produced with quality, care, passion & precision.  A perfect balance of casual and luxe for laid-back beauty, always phthalate-free, paragon-free, sulfate-free, and never tested on animals.

Divinity is carrying all their Body Buff Scrubs & Body Oils including the BEST SELLING…

MUD Body Buff Scrub made with a glow-boosting blend of nourishing, antioxidant-rich oils and super polishing exfoliants.  Mud buffs away dead surface skin and renews lost radiance leaving thirsty skin looking and feeling smooth, soft, and deeply replenished.  It contains super skin boosters like coconut and sweet almond oils that are high in vitamin E which protects and boosts the skin’s natural regeneration process.  Exfoliate gently yet effectively with sugar, a natural humectant that helps hydrate the skin and keep moisture within.  Dead sea clay and activated charcoal purify and detoxify skin.  Black salt polishes away dullness to reveal a healthy glow.  Its scent is like summer on your skin with notes of Sand Jasmine, Sea Salt, and Orange Blossom.

MERMAID Body Glow Scrub a sea infused body scrub to transform your skin into a natural wonder.  Tropically luxe and vitamin E rich coconut and sweet almond oils naturally restore skin’s glow and renew lost radiance, while fine sugar crystals and pink Himalayan salt buff away dullness to uncover skin’s natural luminosity.  It contains their signature super skin boosters and amazing scent.

ISLAND GIRL Body Oil made with an ultra lush blend of antioxidant and vitamin E rich natural oils formulated to replenish, hydrate, and soften, this lightweight, beautifying oil blend effortlessly absorbs into skin to deliver immediate and long-lasting hydration as it restores and protects your healthy glow.  Soak in the glow-boosting benefits for a sweet skin escape, lightly scented with notes of Tropical Waikiki Blossom.  It’s super skin boosters include a blend of coconut, sweet almond, rice bran, and jojoba oils to renew and hydrate skin.  Apply to just cleansed skin, post-shower, or bath.

Come sample this full line of decadent body care scrubs and oils at Divinity, perfectly priced at just $28 each.