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The Story of Kevin Cruz

The Story of Kevin Cruz

March 20, 2023

As part of the local baseball community, our owners Holly & Daniel came to Team Divinity after hearing the story of Kevin – a local 10-year-old boy who was just diagnosed with Leukemia. It was at Baseball practice one afternoon that he seemed off and tired, actually falling asleep in the middle of a hitting lesson. His coach called Kevin’s parents, and the next day he was admitted into the ICU and diagnosed. Little Kevin underwent 4 surgeries in the following 2 weeks and may possibly need more. He has begun receiving chemotherapy, which we are told will continue for the next 3 years!

His family is devastated and needs help. Holly, Daniel & Team Divinity feel it in our hearts to answer the call.

Kevin lives with his parents, Mario & Mirta Cruz who both work full time at their business – a local mulch/wood chipping company – as well as his big sister. Because of this unexpected diagnosis, both parents had to leave their shop unattended to help facilitate his treatments. Unfortunately, like many families today, the Cruz’s do not have medical insurance and the bills are mounting fast, not to mention gas and food, traveling back and forth to the hospital in Tampa daily, so in such a short time, all this has taken an unbelievable toll on the family emotionally, physically and financially – with no end in sight…This is where YOU come in!!!

We’re having a BOTOX-A-THON with 100% of the proceeds going to the Cruz Family!

💉How it works:
Saturday, April 1st from 9am – 1pm
There will be 50 spots available for

(That’s a $120 savings, making the Botox just $9/unit)

That’s $360 per person being donated to this wonderful family – if we fill EVERY spot, that would be $18,000!!! We just know we can do it! Holly and her team of Practitioners will be here, donating their time to treat you, along with many of our staff to help the event run smoothly!

April 20, 2023

Nothing is greater than a community joining together to help those in need. We shared little Kevin’s story with our Divinity Family at the beginning of April, and asked for your help. Since then, we hosted a Botox-a-Thon Fundraiser, treating 47 people in 4 hours, as well as a Raffle Giveaway, donating 100% of all proceeds to the Cruz Family.

Our amazing patients, staff, and community helped raise $18,909!!! We were so excited & thankful!

Kevin and his mom came yesterday to accept the check and with tears in her eyes & gratitude in her heart said, “I can’t believe that so many people would donate to a little boy they don’t even know!”

She also gave us an update to share…Kevin is still receiving chemo daily all the way in Orlando and seems to be responding to the treatments! Their medical expenses have already exceeded 1 million, and it’s only been a month! Other local businesses have been helping with fundraising efforts and of course, they still have their GoFundMe page. If you didn’t get a chance to participate with us and feel it in your heart to help, please click the link – even $5 helps!