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Morpheus8 By InMode

Microneedling with Radiofrequency Treatments!

You’ve probably heard of microneedling…a skin treatment that involves creating tiny punctures in the skin to trigger the body’s natural collagen production – it’s been a top selling procedure at our office for the past 3 years – Morpheus8 is yet another microneedling device.  The difference is that Morpheus8 also incorporates radiofrequency.  Radiofrequency relies on waves of energy to heat underlying skin tissue – the heat triggers collagen and elastin production, thereby tightening, firming and plumping the skin’s appearance.

The Morpheus8 is the first & only subnormal adipose remodeling device (SARD) that fractionally remodels and contours the face and body.  Penetrating deep into the skin and fat, this morphs the aging face or body into a more desired smooth and sleep appearance for all skin tones.  As an upgrade, we combine Morpehus8 treatments with PRP for greater results!

  • Increases tissue firmness on the face & body
  • Minimizes fine facial lines & deep wrinkles
  • Eliminate acne scars & stretchmarks
  • Smooth uneven skin texture
  • Decreases pore size
  • Brighten skin tone
  • Corrects sun damaged skin
  • Treat active acne
  • Treats hyperpigmentation (brown spots)

What Areas Can I Treat?

Morpheus8 can be used on any area that can benefit from sub-dermal renewal. Areas of the face and body that have wrinkles, discoloration or acne scarring are perfect for this treatment. The most commonly treated areas include the face and neck, as well as the abdomen, which is beneficial for tightening loose skin with underlying fatty tissue.

How Many Treatments Will I need?

Depending on your age and treatment area, you can expect to have between 1-3 sessions.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

Visible results can be seen within a few days, but typically after three weeks the most noticeable results appear. Most people report more even, radiant looking skin with smaller pores.  Improvements, including skin tightening, continue up to three months after treatment.

Why Fractionated Energy?

Fractionated RF energy is a scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles and rebuild collagen and fat. This treatment helps to improve skin complexion and texture for a more radiant and youthful appearance. It is minimally invasive, using a matrix of micro pins to renew deeper layers of the skin with almost no patient downtime.

Can Anyone Use Morpheus8?

The best part of Morpheus8 is its color blind technology – it can be used on all skin types. The unique properties allow even darker tones to be treated with little risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which is common with other resurfacing methods.

When Can I put Make-up On After Treatment?

Since patient downtime is minimal, makeup can be applied 1 to 2 days after the treatment. Patients should expect to see micro lesions fro up to 5 days after treatment and some redness for up to 1 week depending on treatment parameters.

What Kind of Post Procedure Care Is Required?

Patients should moisturize the treatment area and avoid direct sun exposure. It is also recommended that patients use a good, broad spectrum sunscreen every day. In addition to reducing their future risk of skin cancer, sunscreens also reduce wrinkles and slow the aging process.