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Holly & Kelly attend the CoolSculpting University Masters Class


Holly & Kelly attend the CoolSculpting University Masters Class!

This week, Kelly and I had a unique opportunity to participate in the 2-Day CoolSculpting University’s Masters Class in Reston, Virginia.  This class is exclusive, and it’s an honor to be asked to participate.  The course was only the 10th Masters course that’s been offered by Allergan – the makers of CoolSculpting.

The design of the class is set up to help CoolSculpting providers think outside of the box in treating patients that may not present with a traditional or typical presentation.  It’s a great way for experienced providers to dig a little deeper into the science behind the machine, to be presented with new, creative approaches to a wider array of patients, and it’s also a great opportunity to collaborate with other CoolSculpting experts throughout the country.

As one of the four CoolSculpting Faculty Members on site, my responsibility was to lead one of the rooms used for the break out sessions, which was a hands on opportunity for all the participants.  During the break out sessions, CoolSculpting providers from all over the US, rotated from room to room and assessed live patients with atypical presentations.  The patients were discussed at length and a treatment plan was discussed and agreed upon as a group.

Overall, the discussion was enlightening and Kelly and I both walked away feeling more confident that we’re offering the best possible outcomes for our CoolSculpting patients.

Join us this month on Tuesday, March 12th for our “Cool Event” from 5-6:30pm, where we will share our knowledge, preform a live demonstration and give personal assessments to all attendees.  We’ll have special pricing as well!  Seating is limited, so please RSVP to (352)606-2980.


Holly Boyd, ARNP-C


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