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March 2023 Facial of the Month...

Bubbly Green Goddess Facial

March 2023 Facial of the Month…

Bubbly Green Goddess Facial

This 45 minute delight will leave you feeling like the divine beauty you are!

🍀Step 1: Cleanse with Oxygen Deep Pore Cleanser – Breathe life back into dull tired cells with this deep oxygenating cleanser that triggers a deep desincrustation process to thoroughly cleanse & purify congested pores, stimulate healthy cell turnover & reveal smoother, more radiant skin.

🍀Step 2: The Ultra-Hydrating Enzyme Masque with AHA Accelerator by Glymed – This ultra hydrating masque exfoliates and detoxifies skin as it boosts cellular renewal. Packed with hydrating botanicals & antioxidants, this energizing masque instantly moisturizes & firms dry dehydrated skin from the colder weather.

The AHA Accelerator supercharges & regenerates aged cells, working naturally with the skin’s own immune system. It has a perfect blend of 20% glycolic & lactic acid to reduce the aging effects of environmental stress & lifestyle imbalances.

🍀Step 3: Extractions

🍀Step 4: Stone Crop Masque by Eminence Organics – This top selling masque excels in increasing the moisture content & health of all skin types, leaving your skin looking radiant and youthful. Stone Crop is a healing plant used by herbalists for centuries for a multitude of skin conditions.

🍀Step 5: Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer – This delicious, effective moisturizer has high amounts of Vitamin C & Biocomplex2, a booster of antioxidants that restores the look of radiance, vitality & strength leaving your skin looking smoother, tighter and deeply hydrated.

This $85 Facial will leave you GLOWING LIKE A GODDESS ~ Don’t Miss It!

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