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How is a Male Aesthetic Patient Treated Differently?

As our practice grows, so does our male clientele.  Is it safe to say that men and women are treated the same with Botox and filler injections?  The answer is No.


Male patients are becoming a bigger part of our practice, and one of the biggest concerns that I encounter, is that a male patient is concerned that injectables may “feminize” his features.  Certainly, there are techniques that may feminize the male patient.  However, the average male client will have the same benefit from Botox, filler, and even Kybella that the female patient does when he is injected properly:  a more rested, refreshed look.


Last month, I had a unique experience to listen to a talk given by Terrence Keaney, M.D., as he spoke in Tampa.  Dr. Keaney owns a male wellness center in the Washington D.C. area.  He truly has unique approach to treating the male client.  I absolutely walked away with techniques that will benefit my male patients: the look the male patient desires, where the filler should be placed on a male patient versus a female patient, and how to give the male client a look that will make him more competitive in the work force.


I look forward to bringing these techniques back to my male clients to give them a rested, refreshed, yet masculine look!



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