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Frankie's Eminence Facial of the Month...


Frankie’s Eminence Facial of the Month…

‘Tis the season of parties, spending time with family, seeing old friends & taking LOTS of pictures…

the PERFECT time for our Eminence Facial of the Month by Frankie!


The Sugar Plum & Chocolate Mousse Facial is filled with everything the holidays are made of, and will leave your skin hydrated, smooth, refreshed & glowing!

The action of primrose in the Sugar Plum Moisturizer will revive your complexion’s appearance, while the Pear & Poppy Seed Polisher exfoliates & adds antioxidants, giving you a rosy appearance.  Finally, the rich cocoa in the Chocolate Mousse Masque is a great anti-ager for your skin & the macadamia, almond and jajoba oils in it provide deep hydration.  The results are simply amazing!

This 45 minute delight for all your senses in ONLY $65 this month!

Go ahead…you treat yourself or someone special!


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