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Celebrating Women of ALL Ages...

The 40s with Frankie!

Celebrating Women of ALL Ages



The Decade Project

This month, we celebrate women – they are the heart & soul of the world; their endurance & strength are beyond what anyone can imagine; their intuition, attitude & confidence can move mountains if need be; and their friendship & loyalty can be incredibly fierce.  In our business, we talk to hundreds of women a week, and what we’ve found is that the only thing that sometimes slows these powerful beings down (for a few moments) is fear of getting older.

The 4 ladies of Team Divinity prepresent 4 different decades…Kelly who is in her 20s,  Holly in her 30s, Frankie in her 40s and Tami in her 50s, so for each week in May, we are going to get personal with each staff member, asking these 4 questions:

How old are you?  

What’s the best thing about being in your decade?  

What treatment at Divinity do you feel makes the most noticable difference?  

What skin care products can you not live without?

We hope you find this enlightening, educational & entertaining!  


So next up is the 40s with…



My Decade – 40’s (I’m 43 years old)

What I love about being in my 40’s is that I have realized what is really important in life.  I have learned how important it is to forgive and let go of things that will stop me from moving forward with my life and family.  My happiness comes from the quality of the time I have my family and friends, and not from material things.  Although I am still continually working on my self-confidence, I have stopped trying to change who I am.


My favorite treatments at Divinity have been my IPL/PhotoFacial and Micro-needling.  The IPL eliminated all of my sunspots from my face and décolleté area with one treatment – years of sun damage, gone!  Micro-needling, along with the LED Opera Mask, was another game changer for my face.  The combination of these two treatments reduced the appearance of my fine lines, made my skin firmer, my overall complexion smoother and I now have amazing, even skin-tone. 


Oh my….what products can I not live without? That’s a hard one for me!  Ask anyone here and they will tell you I am a true product junky.  I will narrow it down to two 🙂  SkinMedica’s TNS Recovery Complex and The Eminence Bamboo Firming Fluid will always be found in bathroom.  I noticed the biggest change in my skin when I started to incorporate growth factors into my daily routine (TNS Recovery).  The TNS Recovery product has the highest concentration of a patented growth factor blend, which has clinical studies showing that it will help improve the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, and has just really improved the overall texture of my skin (this is perfect to start after the micro-needling treatment).  

The Bamboo Firming Fluid has helped keep my skin soft and strengthen my epidermis with it’s natural retinol alternative complex.  My skin feels smooth and silky all day, while all of the great organic ingredients such as swiss green apple and neroli oil increases the ability for my skin to stay youthful and regenerate itself.  The best part of these treatments & products is that I barely need makeup anymore…just a little tinted sunscreen & lip gloss and I’m good to go…there’s nothing like the fresh, natural look of healthy skin!


Next week, watch for our final Decade email covering the 50s with Tami!

Feel free to email us with your thoughts or perhaps your own experiences, favorite treatments and products for your 40s so we can share!!!

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